For almost 30 years (November 1981 – June 2011) I gave ceramic classes in my own studio to over a hundred people. Some of them stayed with me for only three months, others stayed for 25, or even 29, years.

Some of them realized a ceramic infrastructure in their own studio’s (Helen Martina, Yvonne van Gogh, Krista van der Meijden, Babs de Brabander, Robert van Haren, Evelien Sipkes), for others the classes were just a nice hobby.

In the early nineties I started organizing workshops in my studio by well known international ceramic artists (Rick Hirsch, Richard Notkin, Enrique Mestre, Pauline Wiertz, Martin Mohwald a.o.) as a way to gain new insights and techniques.

During those years I also organized around fifteen student exhibitions.

Every now and than I teach a workshop myself, like the ‘raku and primitive firing’ workshop in Caracas a long time ago (1989 and 1991), or the one not so long ago in Aruba, at Ateliers ’89 (2012). I also gave workshops in cooperation with Instituto Bueno Bista (2010 and 2013).